About Vince

vince muscian educatorVincent Pettinelli is a renowned musician and music educator in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Vince Pettinelli owes his success to several key components of his personal philosophy. Vince clearly adheres to his personal philosophy in everything that he does and it comes out in his pursuit of excellence. His core beliefs are leadership and education.

Core Beliefs

Vincent Pettinelli is a leader who values listening, effectively, utilizing the strengths of those he works with, and applying them efficiently to the task at hand. Success as a leader is found in how one can build up those they are working with to let their ability, strengths and work style prosper is a core belief to Vince Pettinelli. This philosophy has led Vince Pettinelli to inspire others to become leaders and entrepreneurs. Many who have worked with Vince Pettinelli have gone on to experience musical renown of their own.

Vince adheres to the belief that basic skills are just as important as the more abstract ones. For Vince, being on time, presentation, public speaking and listening are just as important to how he motivates those he works with as much as encouragement, guidance, and focus. Vincent Pettinelli understands that a good leader is more than someone who shouts orders but someone who has the ability to blend different voices and skills to ensure success.

Vince understands that those who he works with are representatives from every walk of life. Every situation is different and should be approached with that in mind. Everyone communicates differently. Vincent Pettinelli understands that the ability to merge singular voices and talent into one cohesive unit is a skill that takes patience, focus, and tolerance.

As a musician, Vince Pettinelli understands that it takes different notes to create harmony. As an entrepreneurial and public leader, Vince knows that a good leader will blend the different styles of their team to work for the greater good of the task. Success as a leader is found in how one can build up those they are working with to let their ability, strengths and work style prosper. Vince Pettinelli considers true leadership as identifying the strengths within the team, applying those strengths to the current project, and highlighting those strengths for future pursuits. Vince remains a leader who educates himself to better lead those who follow him.

Music Theory and Education

Vince has been a lifelong musical academic, whether it was studying theory and applied art at a young age, going through college, or now helping to train the next generation of jazz musicians. Vince still discusses techniques and collaborates with professional musicians and music theorists. Vincent Pettinelli has been a dedicated public educator in music throughout his career in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Part of his core philosophy is belief in the educational, emotional and physical value that music can have on everyone.

The goal of Vincent Pettinelli as a music education advocate has always been to help students experience the many choices of music and style available and allow them to choose their own path. It has always been his goal to never tell a student what they should like. Vince believes that music, unlike any other academic discipline, has a much greater impact on our mind and how we think than we can fathom.
Educational Background
Vincent Pettinelli is an example of his dedication to academic excellence. While attending Ithaca College School of Music in the early 1990’s, Vince attained Dean’s list status. He graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree. Currently, Vince is pursuing his graduate degree in Music and Sound Reinforcement Engineering from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where he is receiving high honors. Vince uses his own past and present academic pursuits to inspire and encourage his students to strive for excellence and never stop learning.

Vince is extremely passionate about music education. He believes in the educational, emotional and physical value that music can have on everyone. The knowledge that children who are involved in some form of music education experience a higher rate of success in life is one of the reasons that Vincent Pettinelli is a staunch advocate of music education. It is this love of music and desire that everyone experience music that drives Vincent Pettinelli.