Wedding Music Trends for 2017

The music you choose for your wedding is one of the most important aspects of the entire event. For, without music, your wedding is like a romantic movie that has no scenery. The backdrop for that film is nearly as important as the actors, the words they speak, the passion they convey. And so it is for the music you choose for your ceremony as well as your reception. Music will be the atmosphere, the essence that communicates the love you feel for each other. The problem many couples find, however, is that choosing the right music often becomes a dilemma of, shall we say, too many choices? There’s so much wonderful, passionate, and romantic music in the world, how do you determine which is the right style for your nuptials? Perhaps looking to the latest trends will help. Top wedding performers in New Jersey have compiled the following information about wedding music trends for 2017 in order to assist you and your intended in choosing the ideal musical scenery for your wedding.
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The Real History Behind Waverly Hills Sanitarium

Considered one of the most haunted abandoned buildings in America, the Waverly Hills Sanitarium is a site that needs to be recognized for its almost mythical status. Stories and speculation about its past outpace awareness of the real history behind this abandoned building.

The sanitarium is located in Louisville County, Kentucky and was opened in 1910. The hospital gained notoriety after opening its doors to a wave of tuberculosis patients in the county. The sanitarium was built to accommodate these diseased population, the location being ideal since it was a few miles away from the nearest residence.

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Around 40 people were relocated to the two open air pavilions on August 1912, and scores of patients were brought in over the next few years. Around 1924, the hospital was filled to capacity and could no longer admit new patients. Administrators and local officials decided to erect a new building to treat more advanced cases of tuberculosis.

To cut costs, however, the original buildings were used. Eventually, the hospital closed down as more effective medicines to treat tuberculosis became accessible. As the number of patients dwindled, the tuberculosis hospital became an elderly care center. The building was again shut down in 1981.

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There have been many attempts to sell the property, although there has never been a purchase. This is because of the many ghost sightings and scary stories plaguing Waverly Hills. It is said that the countless number of people who died in the hospital roamed the complex as vengeful spirits.

Whatever the reason though, it is still as site worth visiting should tourists find themselves in Kentucky.

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Ken Brader’s “Holiday Brass” set to perform in December!

Ah, Yes, October!  The leaves are changing and the smell of Fall is in the air.  As the chill of autumn replaces the warm Summer heat, the landscape is beautiful and picturesque.  However, faintly heard in the distance is the sound of the Christmas season approaching as Christmas Day is only a little more than 2 months away.  For over 30 years the Holiday has been met with a performance by Ken Brader’s “The Holiday Brass”.  It was always said that the holiday season wasn’t official until the Holiday Brass performed. Well, it gives us great pleasure to announce that once again, Ken Brader’s “Holiday Brass” will be performing on Thursday, December 22, 2016 at 7:15pm and 8:15pm at the Outlets at the Sands in Bethlehem, Pa. The ensemble is excited once again to fill the mall with the sounds of the holiday season.



The Holiday Brass was formed many years ago by trumpeter Ken Brader, who wanted to give his students an opportunity to perform together in a brass ensemble. As the years went on and Ken began teaching more students, the Holiday Brass grew.  The group has grown to 50 members! What a glorious sound it is to hear that many trumpets, trombones, flugel horns, baritones, French horns and tubas all in place playing together. The sound is so unique because the music, which was arranged by Ken, truly is inspiring and a joy to behold.


Ken is a graduate of Easton Area High School and the famed Eastman School of Music.  He played lead trumpet for the Glenn Miller Orchestra among many other musical groups as well as the Principal Trumpeter of the Philly Pops directed by Peter Nero.  Unfortunately, Ken was diagnosed with Diabetes in 2012 which affected his feet and caused a significant loss of vision.  He then had a heart attack which required open-heart surgery and suffered a partial leg amputation due to the diabetes.  It was a most difficult time for him.  However, through a lot of hard work, prayer and rehabilitation, Ken now has a prosthetic leg and is beginning to walk again. This has rallied everyone around him and really makes every performance we have so special. He is doing the best he can and we are looking forward to another edition of the Holiday Brass.


The Outlets at the Sands is connected to the Sands Casino in Bethlehem. However, it has its own parking area and you can enter directly into the mall without having to walk all the way through the casino. Check out their website here:


With the upper floor of the mall overlooking down to where the Holiday Brass performs, it is not only an awesome site to see, but wonderful to hear.  If you would like more information or details on the Holiday Brass, please contact Vince Pettinelli and or call 908-619-4502.



The Most Spectacular Abandoned Places In The World

The world is filled with many magnificent structures left abandoned, allowing nature to reclaim them. These places are filled with a haunting beauty that attracts photographers and adventurers from all corners of the globe, as well as a strange sadness that follows visitors for a lifetime. Here are some of the most spectacular abandoned places on Earth.

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Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, PA, housed many vicious criminals from 1829 to 1971. It was one of the first modern prisons and has now become a top tourist attraction and a haunted Halloween destination. Its wagon wheel structure has since become the ideal shape of penitentiaries everywhere. One of its famous inmates was Al Capone.

Red Sands Sea Forts

Looking more like giant props in an abandoned “Star Wars” set, the rusting forts on stilts were designed to provide the River Thames protection during World War II.

Hashima Island

There used to be more than 5,000 people that called Hashima Island their home. They were mostly coal miners. But with the rise of petrol as fuel in Japan, the island was abandoned.

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During the Chernobyl meltdown in 1986, the small city of Pripyat caught the brunt of the unleashed radiation. Almost 50,000 people abandoned their homes. Pripyat today is more than just a reminder of the danger of nuclear energy. It is also a death trap, rendered uninhabitable due to high radiation levels. It will continue to be a desolate spot on the map for centuries to come.

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Is Gary Sanchez The Future Of New York Yankees?

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The most famous franchise in Major League Baseball is transitioning to a new era. Two years ago, the long-time face of the Yankees, Derek Jeter, hung up his cleats. Two of the three remaining players from the 2009 World Series champions, Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira, have already announced their retirement for the end of the season. The other one, CC Sabathia, is already there and contemplating retirement as well.

But, a 23-year-old rookie from the Dominican Republic has the team and its fans hoping that he will be capable of taking on the mantle of the Yankee’s next franchise player.

Catcher Gary Sanchez was called up August 3. In his first 23 career games in the major league, he had 11 home runs and 31 hits, which is a feat no other player in league history has achieved. On August 29, he was named Player of the Week in the American League for the second consecutive week, becoming the first rookie ever to accomplish that feat.

People have been comparing his batting ability to that of the great Babe Ruth, no doubt a flattering and mercurial comparison.

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He is also not like most catchers who are slow on their feet and can steal a base if needed. In addition, he is no slouch behind the plate, either, after having tagged five of seven attempted base stealers, one of them Mike Trout, no less.

In the history of the franchise, the team has seen many players with great potential, only to ultimately flame out. But the New York Yankees have every reason to be optimistic that Sanchez will prove to be a legitimate force for the team, if he keeps up this kind of performance.

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Facts About Bethlehem Steel

Bethlehem Steel Corporation was almost 150 years old when it was finally laid to rest.  It had provided steel all over the United States and had been recognized as a symbol of the industry.  Here are some facts people may not know about Bethlehem Steel.


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  • From 1857 to 1904, the company changed its name five times – from the Saucona Iron Company, to the Bethlehem Rolling Mill and Iron Company, to the Bethlehem Iron Company, to the Bethlehem Steel Company, and finally to the Bethlehem Steel Corporation.
  • A man by the name of Augustus Wolfe organized the company.  Alfred Hunt was its first president.
  • Over the past century, Bethlehem Steel has provided steel for many of the United States’ most famous landmarks.  These include the George Washington and Golden Gate Bridges, Alcatraz Island, the Chrysler Building, Madison Square Garden, Rockefeller Center, the Waldorf Astoria, the Bonneville, Grand Coulee Hoover Dams, and the San Francisco Municipal Railway.
  • The fall of Bethlehem Steel serves as a significant example of the United States’ declining position in industrial manufacturing.


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  • Two reasons are often cited as the primary causes of the fall of Bethlehem Steel.  The global market had grown and the company had trouble competing with cheap foreign labor, and mismanagement.  Many of the higher-ups of Bethlehem Steel preferred short-term profits over long-term investments.

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The Music And Professional Life Of Roger Ingram

Roger Ingram is a big name in the music industry. One of the most sought-after lead trumpet players, he has over 38 years of professional experience. Ingram has played for Jazz at Lincoln Center and has also led trumpet sections for big bands like Harry Connick Jr., Ray Charles, Woody Herman, and Maynard Ferguson. He is known for his distinct sound and his solid upper register chops.

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Ingram started playing the trumpet at the age of eight in 1965. He became associated with Hollywood’s finest players at a very young age. His skills improved while working with great music teachers like John Rinaldo (his mentor), Laroon Holt, Bud Brisbois, Bobby Shew, and Dan Jacobs, among many others. His professional career started at the tender age of 16, where he toured with the Louie Bellson Big Band. He soon joined the Quincy Jones Big Band the summer after his Bellson stint and toured with the Connie Stevens show for a pop act.

Ingram joined the Woody Herman Orchestra as the lead trumpet in 1985. He remained with the group until Herman’s death in 1987. He then co-lead his own band with Steve Elliott. In the ‘90s, Ingram joined the Harry Connick Jr. Band and recorded numerous albums with the team. He moved to New York after a few years and performed for various Broadway shows and recorded cast albums.

Aside from his brass playing expertise, Ingram is also an author and music educator. His textbook, “Clinical Notes on Trumpet Playing,” is available in 40 countries. It is a required reading for music majors in various colleges and universities worldwide. He is also currently teaching courses and lessons as well as traveling across the country as a in demand clinician for colleges and high schools.

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A Peek At Duke’s Embarrassment Of Riches

The past season was quite a turnaround for the Blue Devils – and for their legion of fans – as they lost to an inspired Oregon team in the Sweet Sixteen of March Madness. It was a far cry from their previous year championship run.

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Even granting that Jahlil Okafor, the wunderkind operating on the block, left for the NBA, Duke still had a roster of veteran contributors and solid, reliable players, not to mention a top-2 pick in this year’s NBA draft in Brandon Ingram. But Coach K could not get the team revving to defend their championship, disappointing all season long in the ACC with losses even to unheralded teams. And then uninspired play booted them out of the NCAA Tournament.

Looking ahead though, Duke has all the reason to forget last season. With only three players graduating or NBA bound, many of the productive players are still with the team, and look to improve even more. And after a fruitful recruiting class, Grayson Allen, Amile Jefferson, and Luke Kennard are going to receive plenty of help.

The No. 1 ranked players from the frontcourt positions are all coming to town, with center Marques Bolden the last one to commit to Duke. He joins power forward Harry Giles and small forward Jayson Tatum, both of whom have already committed last year. The freshman list includes Frank Jackson, the No. 4 point guard and two solid rookies in Javin DeLaurier and Jack White.

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The Blue Devils suddenly have a loaded, deep roster. Turning last season’s disappointment into an embarrassment of riches, a look at the roster and the coaching staff makes Duke title favorites once again.

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Doing It Old School: Sinatra’s Enduring Impact On American Music

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Born and bred in Hoboken, New Jersey, Frank Sinatra would sing his way to the shores on the other side of the Hudson River to follow in the footsteps of his idol, Bing Crosby. His style, artistry and appeal became timeless as he became a true American icon. His take on the American songbook (solidified in a prolific 95 albums) would remain a standard for generations.

More than a century after his birth, Old Blue Eye’s indelible mark on modern American music is still fresh in the minds of musicians young and old.

Contemporaneous stars of music as Michael Buble and Harry Connick, Jr. have heaped praises on the late crooner’s singing style. Director and critically acclaimed big band vocalist Seth MacFarlane even went on not only to cover some of Sinatra’s underappreciated songs but to do so using a microphone preferred by the man himself, loaned from the Smithsonian, for his debut album.

Even today, many performers are measured by their resemblance to the man, with few modern musicians ever receiving the honor of a direct comparison. After all, beyond being a legend, he was also the first teen idol, codifying the appearance of a handsome musician wooing throngs of young women as a staple in modern music.

Sinatra combined the best of both standard pop and jazz, having been responsible for mainstreaming the concept of singing colloquially. He treated lyrics as personal statements and handled every melody with the ease and skill of extemporaneous improv, which in turn would pave the way for the idiosyncrasies of rock, a genre that he ironically didn’t warm up to for some time.

And though he had initially denounced pop’s direction toward rock and roll in the mid-1950s, he eventually would perform songs composed by the likes of Stevie Wonder, George Harrison, Jimmy Webb, and Billy Joel.

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Sinatra lived such a magical life that we can only dream about. He performed all over the world with the best musicians, was a celebrated movie star, and defined the songbook in America. His membership in the Rat Pack was legendary as their antics were adored by millions. He was known to enjoy a good Jack Daniels Whiskey and became a renowned party host. One thing not very public was Frank’s generosity. Frank was a very cheerful giver. He would donate to many children’s charities, help many in need and sponsor needed items for many groups. But, he never wanted it to be public. He chose to anonymously do this to not focus the light on him. Truly a remarkable trait to have.

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Wayne Bergeron and His Journey into the Jazz Music Scene

Wayne Bergeron is undoubtedly one of the best trumpeters of this era. A mainstay in L.A. studios, he is known for his incredible lead playing and tremendous accuracy in pressure situations. He has any film credits, studio sessions, international tours, guest appearances, jazz concerts, and even music clinics.

Bergeron is a native Californian. He had been a great fan of music as a child, but he had his big debut as the lead trumpet chair with Maynard Ferguson’s band in the late ‘80s. His trumpet styles can be well-heard on recordings of Maynard’s hit singles “Big Bop Nouveau,” “The One and Only Maynard Ferguson,” and “Brass Attitude.”

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Although Bergeron has made a big name for himself in the music scene, he still works in the background. He can work for different genres and artists, ranging from Green Day to Beyoncé. He has also worked in over 300 original movie soundtracks; some are featuring his

After years in the industry, he released his first solo record, “You Call This a Living?” which earned him a Grammy nomination in 2004 for Best Large Jazz Ensemble. His second record, “Plays Well With Others,” was released in 2007. “Full Circle,” his third studio album, was released in January of this year.
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Bergeron is a co-designer for some pricey trumpets and is also a National Artist for the Yamaha Corporation of America. He also designed trumpet mouthpieces with Gary Radke, which can be purchased on Bergeron’s official website.

This musical genius never fails to give back. He currently works as a faculty at California State University Northridge where he inspires younger musicians to pursue their craft.

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